About Ryan Thomas TV

Ryan Thomas is a child of parental alienation who discovered the lies and manipulation he was under and reunited with his Dad after decades apart. Now, he is using his experiences to give a behind-the-scenes look at how parental alienation works from a child’s point of view, and why it’s so powerful and effective. Ryan is also using this insider knowledge to help alienated parents reconnect with their children.

Ryan was born believing his Dad never truly cared for him and that story was re-enforced and manufactured every moment of his life. With his perception and love for his dad constantly tainted, the stress become so unbearable that he severed the relationship as a young teenager. He was poised against his dad by what he calls “The Regime,” the controlling extended family unit that cloaked selfishness, hatred, and control as “love.” Like a cult, their mission was to convince Ryan that only they loved him, and anyone else was a threat to them. Ryan believes this was abuse with a smile and a hug.

In his late 20’s Ryan reconnected with his dad and slowly built a new “friendship.” Eventually, he discovered the deceit that had poisoned him against his dad for his entire life. The lost years and sense of betrayal sent his world upside down. He was starved to know who his dad truly was. He found the most kind, loving man, and the best relationship of his life.

Now, Ryan is traveling the world to speak to parents, children, and professionals to prove that parental alienation is real… and to offer solutions. Ryan is the author of several books including; Sabotaged: 3 Hidden Weapons of Parental Alienation and The Alienated Mind: Why Parental Alienation is So Powerful Through the Eyes of a Child. He is also the creator of “The Reconnect Formula,” a 5-week online video training program. Ryan also offers workshops, video series, and group coaching calls to give real-life, practical strategies to create breakthroughs. Ryan is leading a movement for the #RightToReunite children and their families, and to transform alienated parents into accepted parents.